The new

Balbiano Nuovo Logo


The ” long hot summer ” gave us time and opportunity to fix the last piece of this long restyling job ofthe Balbiano Winery. A project started in 2013 with the revision of the company logo, which led us to complete, just a few weeks ago, a brand new line of labels inspired by the Balbiano Museum and ending with the renovation of the website.

We had many factors to consider: tradition and history, roots and territory, the will to innovate.
We believe that the result represents a good “mix” between past, present and future .
The new is more informative , optimized for smartphones and tablets and thought for a social sharing of its content .

We sincerely hope you enjoy it !

We are always open to your opinions , your suggestions , and (why not ) also some criticism to improve more and more.

Luca Balbiano
Balbiano Winery