“Family is the heart’s homeland”
(Giuseppe Mazzini)

Tre generazioni Balbiano

The Balbiano Winery was founded in 1941, thanks to Melchiorre Balbiano and for seventy-five years it’s been the reference point for the production of Freisa of Chieri. Freisa of Chieri is a historical product, once known only in its sweet vinification, but now universally appreciated in his dry version.
The company’s production also extends to all the wines of the province of Turin, as the Collina Torinese Bonarda, Collina Torinese Barbera, the Collina Torinese Cari and Malvasia of Castelnuovo Don Bosco.

The company philosophy has always focused on the motto “New technologies in the service and respect of tradition”: emblematic demonstration is the very structure of the company. A nineteenth century farmhouse, renovated in order to host the production winery and aging cellar.
Great added value is the beautiful Country and Antique toys Museum: a collection of objects used by farmers, with thousands of pieces dating back to the last century.

Since 2003, the Balbiano Company took part in the ambitious project to restore the Villa della Regina in Turin, devoting itself to the sixteenth century vineyard replanting. The vineyard, which enjoys a unique view, overlooking Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Gran Madre di Dio, finally went into production in 2008, with about 10 quintals of grapes (for 95% Freisa) entrusted to the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin for some experimental microvinification.
In 2009 the vineyard produced about 50 quintals of healthy and mature grapes (the harvest took place September 10, 2009), which gave birth to a wine called “Vigna della Regina” , officially launched on April 13, 2011.
In 2009 only 3600 bottles were produced. A limited number of magnums, double magnums and Balthazar      (12 L), had been the subject of an auction held at the Villa della Regina on April 16, 2011: the proceeds were used for the recovery of part of the beautiful gardens of Queen’s Villa.
Starting with the 2011 vintage, Queen’s Villa wine is a DOC wine: Freisa di Chieri DOC “Vigna Villa della Regina”. Even more rare, even more unique.

Since the end of 2014 the Royal Vineyard of Queen’s Villa is affiliated with the Clos Montmartre, urban vineyard in Paris. The historic twinning induced the French cousins ​​to give Mr. Franco Balbiano and his son Luca, respectively, the honor of Ambassador and Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Montmartre.

An award never given to any Italian.

The Balbiano Winery is included, since its first edition (which included only 50 companies), in the team of Masters of Taste, a prestigious event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and Slow Food.