Freisa goes to Finland

The 2017 started out great!

After months dedicated to the exploration and study of the finnish market, to it’s potentiality and possible interest towards Freisa, We can finally say:”Freisa goes to Finland!”

The partnership with our new friends from Finn-Glera is the result of a lucky encounter at the last Vinitaly.

Jukka, Antti and their collaborators form a dynamic and young group, with a clear goal in their mind: to offer something new and unique, unknown to the quite young finnish market.

The affinity between us was instant.

Freisa lovers in #Helsinki

Una foto pubblicata da Cantine Balbiano (@vinibalbiano) in data:

We flew to Helsinki, busy days ahead and a very tight schedule: two days of tastings where We had the chance to meet restaurant owners, sommeliers and inluencers of the finnish scene.Despite the thermometer below zero, the welcome was really warm!We met great people and great professionists.

For the tastings We were kindly hosted by Ravintola Carelia, an institution in Helsinki: a high profile brasserie, with a french inspired cuisine and european influences.Refined dishes, with great taste and a beautiful presentation. Not to mention the outstanding winelist (in which We are honored to be, now!).

Here We were introduced by Jukka to many sommeliers and wine professionists, all of them very well prepared, but always humble and eager to learn something new about our wines.

In Finland almost every medium and high profile restaurant has a sommelier, who doesn’t just hand the winelist to the customers, but is dedicated to really explain and suggest the wines.

This attitude is ideal with peculiar and less known wines like Freisa!

One of our appointments was with Edmund Liew, a young but experienced sommelier, who worked for Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali in Singapur.Despite being the first night presenting a brand new menu at the SMYG (fantastic restaurant, both for it’s dishes and it’s design), Edmund was a kind host and took some time from his busy schedule to taste our wines.

Our last night in Finland was a particular one.

Jukka and our new friend Lauri Vainio planned an awsome evening at the Meat District.

The Meat District is a restaurant that you have to see to believe! Situated in Porvoo, a city with a population of 60 thousand, 30 minutes by car from Helsinki.Here We held a training with the staff, who seemed to really appreciate our wines (and the Pastiglie Leone candies, too!)

During dinner We had the chance to present our Freisa to the different diners and suggest the perfect match with their dishes.

Staff training at Meat District! Tonight is a special night: Dinner with #Balbiano wines

Una foto pubblicata da Cantine Balbiano (@vinibalbiano) in data: 

No need to say that the menu is very meat oriented, that is one ot the reasons We were so impressed by the vegetarian and vegan dishes: taste and variety are the key words!

The restaurant is based on a solid principle of corporate sustainability, in the search for raw materials and in their philosophy: a view that We share and made us immediately click.

Non è un paese per ve…gan ? #freisa #meatdistrict

Una foto pubblicata da Cantine Balbiano (@vinibalbiano) in data: 

Lauri, sommelier at the Meat District, is very experienced despite his young age. He shared with Edmund the common oriental background in Singapur, where he met his lovely girlfriend Katya. Along with all of them we shared great food, seasoned with stories and experiences that have enriched us in an incredible way.

We really hope, maybe with a more relaxed schedule, to return here soon!